Underwater Hull Cleaning

It is well-known that the results of fouling affects significantly to the overall expenses of a vessel with high fuel consumption, more stress for the engines and paint damages. We can diminish these effects in the most competitive time frame and cost with our in-house designed equipment.


Areas of Experience

  • Underwater Repairs

    We offer a wide range of subsea engineering applications such as underwater welding, blanking seawater inlets, securing cracks and balancing damaged propellers.

  • Underwater Cleaning

    Our experienced divers use specially designed equipment able to clean every kind of fouling without damaging even the most delicate of the underwater coatings.

  • Underwater Surveys

    Photo and CCTV inspections to determine the condition of the hull with the latest equipment and experienced personnel. Atlantis Marine Services is an approved service provider for 9 IACS members.

  • Cable Laying & Protection

    Comprehensive know-how to support the needs of such projects with trained technicians and suitable utility boats.

  • Anchor Salvage & Recovery

    Using modern side-scan sonar we are able to survey the seabed for lost anchors and retrieve the lost item with our own Anchor Handling Tug in a small time frame. 

  • Above the Waterline

    Using Hydrojet we are able to clean above the waterline of a vessel in ballast condition even heavy fouling in less than 24 hours without damaging the coatings.