Atlantis Marine Services - Services

06. Above The Waterline Cleaning

Atlantis Marive Services constantly invests into providing new services to fulfill the special needs of our clients. One of our new services is cleaning the fouling Above the Ship’s Waterline.

01. Underwater Hull Cleaning

Atlantis Marine Services integrated many years of experience into the development of our underwater hull cleaning equipment in order to produce efficient and quality services.

02. Propeller Polishing

Propeller polishing is essential in order to produce better efficiency and fuel savings. Atlantis Marine Services uses soft diamond polishing pads to avoid damages to the surface of the propeller and produce high quality results. We can deliver the propeller in ultra-smooth condition up to Rubert Scale A, depending on the client’s request and previous surface condition.

03. Underwater CCTV Survey

Underwater surveys are carried out by competent underwater technicians using the latest CCTV equipment. The survey is followed by comprehensive and accurate reports about the ship condition with photos and videos, pointing out any potential problem on the hull.

04. Underwater Repairs

Our experienced underwater technicians possess a comprehensive know-how  and the required equipment to deliver various underwater repair operations, producing quality solutions in the most flexible and cost-effective manner.

05. Anchor Salvage and Recovery

Atlantis Marine Services can locate a lost anchor/chain and recover it in minimum time frame. Using state of the art side scan sonar and GPS equipment, we can accurately map the seabed, pin the exact location the lost anchor lays and grab it with an anchor hook even in deep water.